Monday, 22 October 2012

It's Been A While

So I haven’t written a blog post in absolutely ages, and for that, I apologise! I haven’t been overrun or in another country or doing anything that crazy, I’ve just been getting on with life and haven’t sat down and written anything in a while. So, how are you all?
Where to start! The never ending story of my visa is still going strong. It was a relief to have all the paperwork done, sent in, and then two weeks ago I had my medical. They poked and prodded and did x-rays of me, took blood, and charged me £227 for the privilege! So now, I wait for the final piece of the puzzle; my interview. The last part that could finally help Caleb and I, finally be together, or keep us apart for even longer! I wonder how it feels to have so much power to decide when and if someone is allowed to get married to the person they love! 

So as for my daily life, it consists of work, sleep, eating, occasionally seeing people, interning at Earache Records on Monday’s and watching my new favourite series Lie To Me. It’s a cracking series, and Tim Roth is excellent at making me find him really annoying, yet very endearing and interesting at the same time. At normal day-to-day work, I have made two really great friends, and they make the week go a lot quicker. Pretty much everyone I work with is great, but Sophie and Casey are definitely my kind of people and I love spending time with them outside of work too – this Friday we go to Nando’s (their favourite food ever) and the cinema to see Paranormal Activity (which I’m a bit scared about).
Spending wise, I have (I’m afraid) been buying yet more shoes. Do I ever stop? A while ago I spotted someone wearing the most lovely burgundy ankle boot wedges and found out that they were from Primark – I luckily managed to grab the last pair a week ago on a trip to Southampton to see Emma and Brombley. (In-fact Emma climbed into the window display to grab me the last pair, which were actually a size bigger than I usually wear, but still fitted well enough for me to spend £20 on). I also found a pair of black suede platform ankle boots on – exactly like the pair I loved on DaisyStreet for months that never came back in – so, I bought them (!) using discount code STYLEFIX20, giving me 20% off! And, I also finally managed to get some burgundy Lo Pro Vans from Schuh, for £36 (with Emma’s student discount) and had them delivered to me for free because they didn’t have my size in the store; how good is that for customer service! So, yes, three pairs of shoes. BUT they were all quite cheap, and I must admit, that when I get paid, I will be purchasing another pair of Lo Pro’s in all black. And I promise, that’s it. Maybe... I also bought a few rings and a bracelet from Kukee for about a total of £12 (a skeleton ring from asos) and a new bag from TopShop (also burgundy) because I haven’t bought a new handbag in about two years and my last one had Marmite Cashews floating about in it. I think that’s it?
 Shoes glorious shoes
 Rings galore (although I would never wear them all at once)

On the other side, I’ve been selling a couple of bits on eBay, just to make a few quid back, but not everything is selling! I pretty much wear my clothes ‘til they’re threadbare, so I never have anything to sell, but I found a few pieces that were in good condition and needed a new home. Hopefully I’ll make about £30 and that can go towards my flight home to America. 
Wearing my new TopMan hat (men get way better hats) and holding my burgundy TopShop bag

 Emma and I partying at Unit
The past few weeks have been full of great moments with friends, but also moments of despair at being away from Caleb still. But we persevere, and focus on our future and working towards happiness and love. I’ve also started drawing up ideas for creating a mini clothing company with my friend Christen and I’m sure I’ll reveal more once I’m back in America and we are taking things forward. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it feels great to have someone so creative on board, who wants to create clothes too. Hopefully, people will like our designs and it can become something great for the future!
How are you all? What have you all been up to since I disappeared? What is on your wish-list this month? When I get paid I will finally buy myself some wet-look leggings (and the Vans) and well, that’s about it I think. Trying to keep as much money as possible for my stateside return and planning for future trips to Paris with Caleb. Dream big, or not at all!
 I saw this photo of Caleb online and I just fell in love with it - And that's why I've put it up. My love <3

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  1. I love all your shoes!! I came across a "shoeaholic" magazine the other day and almost picked it up for you, but then realized I left all my cash at home. :/ I'm glad you're doing well woman!