Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Down Set Go

I had a few days off work this week as I thought I might get passes to Reading Festival (and have my 10th
year there); unfortunately, I didn’t end up receiving any (Caleb’s music label didn’t have anyone playing there this year, booo! ), so I decided that I would go to Southampton instead.
Since I’ve been living at home with my parents for the first time in many, many years, I tend to go to work and then come home and watch online TV / read / write, and then go to bed and start the cycle again. A lot of my friends that used to live around my parent’s house have now moved to various places, including London and even Australia, so at the moment there are only a handful of people to spend time with (now including new work friends). So, a few days off meant jumping in the car and driving to see my best friends.

I’ve had a pretty tough week, sorting out visa things, timings, working out how long I’m going to be staying in the UK and what Caleb and I will be doing with that time and it had just kind of taken its toll, so Brombley welcomed me with open arms and we went straight to TGI’s. We then went back to his and watched The OC. (Now, I have never actually liked the series that much, Mischa Barton destroyed it all for me; her ‘tragic’ character annoyed me to no-end, so I very rarely watched it. But, one thing I always loved about it was Summer and Seth. I do love a good love story, so I was happy to watch them again. What a beautiful couple and story!)
On Friday I went to the office to see Dav, Neil and Stempy (while Brombley recorded his new bands’ vocals downstairs in Unit. His band is called Pilot House and they are rather jolly). We then went to town and I bought some SuperSoft Skinny jeans from New Look in maroon [£19.99]. That night Brombley cooked home-made chips (he is a mega chef) and then when he went to work I stayed in with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and my thoughts. I’ve quite enjoyed ‘my time’ recently.  I did some reading, watched Aragorn and wrote a love letter to Caleb. 
 New trousers!
On Saturday we lounged about. All. Day. We watched more OC, more LOTR, and snoozed most of the day. Whenever I go to Brombley’s, I spend my life on the sofa snoozing. He just lets me sleep – It’s wonderful. You know you have a best friend when you can go over, and just sleep around them, while they cook you food and have long conversations until 6am with you. Do any of you have those people?  On Saturday night, we were joined by Nicole and the three of us (after watching some One Direction) went to Unit ( I wore my new Motel strappy dress)and I got to get drunk with some of my favourite people. Dav and Emma were there, as were Dani, Donna and Soraya. I had a really fun night, surrounded by some lovely people and there was no drama...until Dav made me do a jagerbomb which I threw up back at home. I had a conversation on Skype with Caleb where I asked him if he ever saw me in slow motion (as we watched Seth see Summer this way) and then I fell asleep. 
 Saturday cocktails and dresses
Sunday was full of watching movies and snoozing on the sofa with Dav, Emma and Minaj (the cat) and then Chiquito’s with Soraya and Donna. I had one last night with Brombley watching the end of the trilogy and more snoozing. I drove home yesterday after such a nice time, and it was exactly what I needed. All work and no play makes Fleur an unhappy girl – so I feel a bit more back to myself.  I then watched Pride & Prejudice which kept me happy too. I just love the romance! 
 This is how Dav, Emma and I watch movies
Today I went with my mum to visit my great aunt. She is 97 and has recently had to move into a residential home for a bit to be looked after as her legs just aren’t working. She is so spritely, and her hearing is fine, and she’s as bright as ever, it’s such a shame that her body is just starting to fail her. I noticed today that she still wears her wedding ring, and I’m pretty sure her husband died about 30 years ago. It really touched me, but also gave me a hint of sadness, to think of the future and think of being without Caleb or vice versa (how depressing I am!) We then came home and I watched Jonathan Creek on my iPad (which always seemed very complex when I was little, but now I guess the endings before they’ve happened. I hate it when that happens.)
What did every else do with their bank holiday? I’m back to work tomorrow, but at least it’s payday on Friday.  Every cloud...
 A great friend, Christen Nelson, sent me a photo of Totoro watching the skies for my USA return!

 Brill Hill personal time

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