Saturday, 21 July 2012

It's All About You...

I was asking myself the other day ‘if there was one celebrity whose wardrobe contents I could have who would it be’... and the answer was obvious: Lauren Conrad (although Rachel Bilson would be a close second).

Now, some of you may remember her from Laguna Beach (I once drove to Orange County and upon seeing the LB sign started singing the theme tune “Perfecttttttttttt...”), some of you may know her from that glorious TV show –turned nightmare TV show, The Hills (I really dislike Kristin Davis). Or, you may just know her as a novelist or fashion advocate who now also writes books about what to wear, and how to do your hair and make-up. Either way, if you DO know who she is, then you must know what I’m talking about. The perfect hair, the beautiful dresses, the not-too-clingy clothes and the wonderful shoes that constantly adorn her feet. Since I first saw her start working at Teen Vogue (and start to grasp her fashion sense) I have been transfixed by her choices and how perfect they are for her frame. So, I created a collage of some of her best looks that I could find on the internet, and a few tips and hints that I think create the Lauren Conrad look. There are many other celebs that are far more adventurous, but for the classic look I think that Conrad gets it spot on all the time. For her view and opinion, I would of course buy her book (or read her website), but here is what I think about the Conrad ‘Classy, but Cute’ look:

·         Always wear mid-thigh length dresses – very rarely short hemlines
·         Never have both cleavage and legs out –choose one. Keep the neck high for the rare shorter dresses, or the neck line low for the longer, more floaty dresses
·         Team belts with pretty summer dresses
·         Own a pair of trusty beige/brown strappy platforms that can spruce up a daytime outfit, as well as be worn at night.
·         Put plaits in the front of your hair for a flirty, extra-feminine look
·         Wear eyeliner with a side flick on the top eyelid for a touch of glam
·         Accessorize with about three dainty gold chains at once (and about three rings too)
·         Add frills and blazers when possible!
·         Wear baggy shirts with a pair of fitted shorts to show off the pins!
·         And always, always, have cute ballet pumps for the casual days and for keeping a lumber jack shirt and jeans day, girly.
As I’ve admitted, her style isn’t that complicated, but it’s still so easy to get wrong. I spend a lot of my time being lazy with my day-to-day choices and usually look more like Lights, than Conrad – but I’m fine with that, Lights always looks AMAZING. Casual fashion is also something that has to be mastered – people can still get that very, very wrong. So I like to think I’ve conquered one area...maybe.  On that note, I have also started my wish list for things that I will slowly buy myself once I get some temp work ( I already treated myself to some super platforms from DaisyStreet, which are my new favourite thing and I can’t wait to wear them out. Comfy, stylish and cheap [£33.99], what more could you want?) What things are on your wish lists? And who is your celebrity style crush (I’m sure more adventurous than mine)? Let me know so I can spy on them and get some inspiration!
 My new Sophy platforms from Daisy Street

 (1) Kaya Court Shoe, Daisystreet (2) Fred Perry polo
(3) New pair of wetlook leggings (4) Glitter nail polish

Update: I actually bought myself the Kaya shoes from Daisy Street this morning. For 10% off at the checkout, use DAISY10. 

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  1. LB fan too! Loved that show! Lauren conrads style is beautiful i just live how classy she is. Those heels you bought are amazing my feet wouldnt be able to stand 2 seconds in them!