Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Winner Takes it All

It’s been a few days since I last blogged, but that’s because I’ve actually been doing things! So, here’s my catch up!
A couple of years ago I reviewed Sonisphere for an online music magazine, and managed to get on the mailing lists for some record labels promoting their artists because of it. So, a few weeks ago I thought that I would e-mail a couple of these labels to see if they had any kind of short-term internships going on. I’d already been offered one this summer, but it was full-time for three months and unpaid (I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t survive on that!). So I e-mailed a few others and to my delight last week I was actually offered one (after filling in an application and having a phone interview) - for one day a week unpaid at Earache Records. I can handle one day unpaid, and they’re not the hugest of labels, but I was just so excited to have an opportunity to see how it all works behind the scenes, and see how the PR side of things within a label gets done. I started this on Monday in London and the day was great. A small office, and two great women to work with, I just got down to learning about the artists on the label (think extra heavy – they have bands like Rival Sons, Oceano etc), listening to some new music, thinking of PR ideas, tidying up spreadsheets for artists information and a whole array of things. I shall continue to learn and do this on a Monday for the next couple of months and as well as enjoying it; it will do my CV the world of good! Hurrah! 

As well as that, I had some more good news! After a few weeks of trying to find work for the next couple of months, I have also sorted a job at a clothing retail store. Woo! I’ve done retail before, and isn’t going to be rocket science, but it’s just the kind of thing that I wanted for right now, to get a bit of money and work around the internship. Two lots of good news – which, to be honest, I really needed as I was starting to lose hope about how long the next couple of months would feel if I was just stuck at home doing nothing.

Over the weekend I spent a couple of days with my best friend from school. I hardly ever get to see her anymore (cause I’m never around and she now has a child, who needs taking care of), but we decided that while her daughter was away on holiday with her dad, we would take advantage and spend some time together! I got to have lunch with her, her mum and one of her brothers, and then we watched some Olympics, went and visited another school friend, got some wine, a Chinese and then the next day had a quick shopping trip with her mum. I laughed non-stop the entire time. When we were in school we were inseparable. We would go to school, sit next to each other all day, pass notes in class, go home, phone each other for two hours and then write another letter for each other for the morning. We just have no idea what we talking about, but it was non-stop. We even got separated in class once (as the teacher’s couldn’t handle us together anymore) and we learnt sign language so we could still talk over the classroom. It got so bad, that sign language was then banned in class! 16 years later, and everything is just as funny. She is just one of the greatest girls you’ll ever meet and has such a sensible head on her shoulders. She’s a fantastic mum and I’m so happy she’s still in my life.
On Tuesday, I went to The London Olympics 2012!!!! I am incredibly proud to be British (I am determined to never lose my British-ness once I move to America) and the fact that the Olympics are taking part in the east end of London is even better for me, as I come from Hackney. I haven’t lived in London for over 12 years, but to see the development of the east end since I’ve left is quite a wonderful thing to watch. What did everyone think of the opening ceremony? I was SO impressed with the Queen, actually taking part in a James Bond skit, and I honestly thought the whole thing was very impressive. Usually opening ceremonies are just lots of dancing and fireworks, but we told a story; the story of what we’ve been through, what we’ve achieved and celebrating the greatest British people in history – well done Danny Boyle. You could definitely tell that a film director created it all, that’s for sure.  Anyway, so yesterday my dad had got tickets for the men’s basketball. So we took off for Stratford (my dad, brother and sister and me) and arrived to rain (of course), but it soon cleared up. We had a walk around the Olympic park and it was just wonderful to look at. The arenas and even the amazing job they had done with the scenery, right down to the tiniest of plants, it just looked fantastic.  I felt very patriotic, and once we took to our AMAZING seats (3 rows back - well done Dad), we watched the first basketball match of Lithuania v Nigeria. The poor Nigerians got beaten, and the arena had rather a lot of Lithuanian supporters, so it was a predicted outcome really, but I cheered them on as much as I could. Next we watched Great Britain vs Brazil and it was a really exciting match. We are about 30 places below Brazil in world rankings, but we lead them for most of the match, and then finally lost by just a few points. It was such a shame, but the atmosphere was unbelievable and the arena was so loud chanting for the British team. Plainly put, it was amazing, and a day that I will always remember. I will be old telling the story of when I went to my home town’s Olympic games and saw the wonder of it all!
Last night I went to Southampton to support my best friends’ band Bury Tomorrow as they filmed their new music video. We had to dress to impress and I wore a new dress I got from ASOS by Motel [£17.99] and my Daisy Street black Sophy platforms. I’m not sure I’ll be in the final edit as I was only really in the background as a filler, but it was still a fun experience, where I got to be around me friends, drink and see people that I love. Can’t wait to see the final product!
What has everyone else been up to in the past week? Have you been watching the Olympics? I’ve been glued to my iPad for all of it. Do any of you have friends that have been around since forever, that you can just see after a long time and it be as great as ever?

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